SSL Certificates


VeriSign VeriSign is the leading SSL certificate provider in the industry today. It is the most trusted brand by online shoppers. Using a VeriSign certificate will boost your sales and increase your online credibility.

Choose the appropriate VeriSign certificate based on your clientele and the sensitivity of the data you must protect. We recommend choosing Secure Site or Secure Site with EV if you do not require a Server-Gated Cryptography (SGC) enabled certificate.


GeoTrust GeoTrust is one of the largest digital certificate providers with millions of customers worldwide. It provides different authentication methods to maximize trust for your business: extended validation, full organization validation or domain authentication.

Domain validated certificates provide basic encryption. These certificates are usually the least expensive, are issued very quickly, and do not include authentication of the business identity behind the web site. They only verify the person responsible for the domain and, for this reason, many consider them to be less secure. However, domain validated certificates still provide solid, reliable SSL encryption.


Thawte Thawte is a popular certificate authority that is recognized globally. Thawte is owned by VerSign Inc. It is one of the most reliable certificate authorities today.

We bring you a range of Thawte SSL certificates to choose from. We recommend ThawteSSL 123 if you are looking for a popular, basic SSL certficate and ThawteSSL WebServer EV for Green Bar confidence.


Comodo Comodo is well-known for ensuring Identity Trust & Assurance on the Internet. A Comodo certificate issued to is also valid for

The type of certificate you need depends a lot about the amount of traffic your site handles each day. Choose a domain validated certificate if you have limited web traffic and choose a fully validated or extended validated certificate for establishing more trust.

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