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Order/Payment - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What payment options do you offer?

At present, we accept payment by: PayPal, Credit Cards, 2Co, Google Checkout, Moneybooker, Alipay, Bank Transfer or mobile payment. Everytime you should pay for a valid invoice. Please payment after login your account.

Do I need to pay Tax separately?

Estimated tax payments for the current tax year and local Gov. law. Separate tax calculation require for some of our products. Carefully handle tax payment during checkout. It may depend on your information provided.

How to pay when upgrade my package?

Any time you can upgrade you package for next any level. After upgrade you package invoice will create automatically. You can find unpaid invoice in your account invoice section. Just select unpaid invoice and pay using your payment method.

Can I change payment method?

Yes, you can change current payment method to alternative available payment option after login your account. If you change to bank transfer option you should submit payment slip scanned copy for faster adjustment otherwise payment will be activate when bank statement come to us, it may require 7 (seven) business days.

How much transaction charge or fees apply?

At this moment we do not apply transaction charge for online payment. We bear your transaction charge or fees even when you pay using third party’s payment gateway.

What will be if Bank charge fees from me?

We bear transaction charge for available online payment only. We are not sure which bank how much charge on transaction. Bank transaction fees depend on Gov. and bank transaction own policy. You must bear transaction charge when your making payment offline by Bank.

How I submit order?

Submitting an order very easy process but before submit order you should take a tour on product information page located Product section. If you got any promotion code from us (By mail, sms or web interface) keep accurately that may save your total cost. From product information area you will get order button then proceed to checkout by login your account or new registration. It will be done very shortly.

My desired product does not have order button what to do?

Our all products are not in automatic order process e.g episode development, there you get form for submit your interest. After getting your interest our staff will communicate you mainly by email then create manual invoice for your acceptance.

I made payment for domain and hosting but showing inactive, why?

Domain and hosting related products setup/configuration process automatically. Domain name required time for propagation (up to 72 hours) purpose. If you find any error please submit a ticket to support department then we investigate what happen actually and solve appropriately.

Can I order any ccTLD?

No, some of ccTLD’s need local presence also additional requirements. If you confused to maintain their requirement then please not order or make payment. Its better you open a sales ticket to us then we find the way for you.

Can I make partial payment?

Yes, you can only for limited product e.g media development, website development, ICT crime investigation, eCommerce solutions. Please note that if you make partial payment coupon code/promotional code may not work for you.

Need I pay additional for support service?

No, never. We provide support service freely at all times for the product you purchase. You may need to pay for any specialized customize or third party’s integration or not related you already purchase from us.

What is NetLink refund policy?

Mainly what we can that we do… who accept terms and conditions we welcome them. Other all must denied. Some order is final e.g you registered a domain name. We issue fund for limited products. We may deduct 15-25% for administrative charge or third party’s transaction charge.

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