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Key Administrative Features for Your Business wtih NMMS

100% Private Label Software

Digital marketing agencies and web designers with clients will be glad to know that it takes just a few minutes to private label every aspect of the software, including logo and "powered by" text. The private label guide has everything you need to know.

Per-User SMTP Settings

Optional per-user SMTP settings allow you to specify which mail server should be used to send their email campaigns. If no SMTP settings are specified the default mail server will be used.

Per-User Statistics

Each user has access to their own statistics area where they can view, print and export reports such as email opens, click tracing and more.

Multiple User Accounts

Each user has its own lists, autoresponders, contacts, etc, as well as its own permissions which you can configure.

Integration with SMTP Providers

If you have multiple clients but don't have your own SMTP mail server then you can integrate third party’s SMTP service which gives you an affordable, fully managed mail server to use when sending your clients email campaigns.

User Guide

The private label user guide explains all feature found in the software. It also includes a comprehensive "Getting Started" guide which even the most non-technical clients can use to create, send and track their first email campaign.

Email Speed Throttling

Limit email speed for each user. Impose limits on emails per hour, month and total number of emails able to be sent.

Open Source PHP Code

Source code (excluding license validation) is unencrypted and can be modified as required.

Owned License, No Limitation, Full Source Code & Free Installation/Branding:
One Time Price in USD $ 16,000.00 | Buy NMMS.
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How To Guides

The "Help" link inside the software links straight to private label knowledge base which contains guides and answers to common email marketing questions.

Restrict Number of Lists

You can impose a limit on how many contact lists a user can create or even stop them from being able to create new lists at all.

Per-User Email Templates

You can create and upload custom email templates for each user and these templates will not be visible to other users when they login.

Integrated XML API/

The powerful XML API can be used to add and remove contacts to/from a list, retrieve and update contact details, check if a contact is on a list and much more.

"My Account" Page

Your users can modify their own details including password and contact information.

Control Scheduled Tasks

Browser-based support for managing the execution of scheduling tasks (such as autoresponders or bounce processing) means no fooling with the command-line.

Scales Incredibly Well

The software can handle thousands of users sending millions of emails and autoresponders simultaneously thanks to an architecture planned from the ground up to support multiple users.

Per-User Time Zone Support

Server times are converted to user's local time zone making it easy to workout dates and times when scheduling email campaigns.

Publish a System Message

Add a message to the home screen for all users (such as a "down for maintenance" message) from your web browser.

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