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Secure Password

Passwords based on personal information easily obtained from the net -- such as account name, actual first or last name, initials of the name, system name, etc. -- are extremely easy to guess and should never be used. Hackers are also on to all the usual tricks, such as spelling a name backwards or simple substituion of characters. Certain easily-guessed words are also commonly used as (poor) passwords -- such as "guest", "password", "secret", etc. -- and should never be used as passwords.

Hackers also have easy access to very powerful password-cracking tools incorporating extensive word and name dictionaries. Passwords should never be dictionary words or names. The cracking tools will also check for simple tricks like words spelled backwards or simple substitution of certain characters (i.e. "mouse" becomes "m0us3"). Pass phrases of several words are often OK, as long as the combination is not too obviously guessable.

Using the maximum number of characters (more than 16 mixed characters) greatly increases the complexity of guessing or cracking passwords and change password time to time.

Our system maintains security rules, some time we force to change password and allow only more than 80% or 95% strong password.
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