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cPanel Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting helps you to resell to accommodation in case you own a hosting firm. As you do not need to own the firm, you need not take tension because of the hardware, IT problems and bandwidth which are handled by the web host.

Simple to use control panel thus makes reseller hosting a great solution. You will easily be able to make web host accounts for the customers you have and keep them intact without any hassles.

Using reseller hosting, you do not even require any web servers, DNS servers, mail server as well as an Internet connection that works great. Most of the reseller host plans are available with all essential tools to let a webmaster to serve as a reseller organization.

Some offer templates as well in which you can get a site with your own name so that others do not know that you are a dealer. This is known as private labeling. At NetLink you can use your own brand, name server, logo, package which increase your hosting business images to end users.
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