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Payments Security

Lets assume that you have a website of your own. Your website allows transactions online. You type in your website's domain to see those lovely articles, beautiful pictures that you meticulously engineered to put on your site.

You see unfamiliar things. Things that you have never intended to publish have come up on your monitor. Something has gone haywire. Did you type the domain name wrong? You check with the network administrator and to his dismay, he too looks at the page with the same amount of astonishment as you feel. Where did things go wrong? Did you think of hackers, viruses and lurking cyber goons?

Enough to give you an aversion. How do you prevent this? An efficient firewall is the armor your network needs to combat most of these threats.

Does your website offer online transactions too? You may have been wondering about the safety and security aspects involved in online transactions.

Just consider a scenario where you stay at a hotel and pay your bill through credit card - there is nothing to stop the clerk to make a copy of your credit card information. For any kind of transaction, all that is important is your credit card number and the expiry date. Keeping this in mind would you stick with the myth of avoiding e-commerce? You will be looking for greater security for that golden number that you hold.

Enabling online transaction on your website is not all that simple. Let me describe what it would mean.
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