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Monitor The Security

To maintain security of network and data resources, continuous monitoring of network activity becomes mandatory. Our system administrators detect anomalous readings by the automatic notification during monitoring.

We at Stylus have effective secure procedures that are based on the computer security policy. Procedures address topics like retrieving programs from the network, connecting to the site's system from home or while traveling, using encryption, authentication for issuing accounts, configuration, and monitoring. We ensure the integrity of system software on a regular basis.

We have a security policy and a clear high-level document plan for organization-wide computer and information security. It provides a framework for making specific decisions, such as online credit card use and how to configure merchant account services etc.

Internet/ecommerce security isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. The two arms of website security are firewall and encryption, which when combined can guarantee safe transaction and secure transfer of information to the right place. The monitoring of tools that will maintain vigilance on your hardware and software security has to be of primary importance. The security policies and procedures are the salient processes that any software corporate must consider. As the business use of the Internet increases day by day, network security will become crucial to the development of the Internet.
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