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Email Security

As the range of email threats has grown, systems for email security and encryption have become ever more complex. Users demand ever higher levels of protection while at the same time expect more business enabling functionality. Businesses are left spending significant amounts of money trying to secure email systems, even in the face of industry consolidation and gateway commoditization. NetLink is bringing the value of the Secure Email Gateway back.

NetLink Email Security provides the most comprehensive, cloud-based email risk mitigation available in the market today.

NetLink Email Security allows end users to manage their Secure Email Gateway, as well as manage their safe and blocked senders list, or even report spam, all from directly within Microsoft Outlook.

We protect against inbound and outbound email-borne threats. This includes malware, spam, phishing, DHA & DDoS attacks, deliberate or accidental data leaks, outages, and social engineering attacks.

Email user benefits

No more unwanted email
Users never leave Outlook to manage email
Interactive email quarantine digests from Outlook
Minimal administration for users
End user Secure Email Gateway policy actions for encryption, email routing and email stationery
Direct access to block and allow lists within Outlook
Spam reporting and blocking from directly within their inbox
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