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Effective SEO methods

When we develop an eCommerce site, considering SEO and online marketing is as important as what you develop as the end product. Normally, People who wants to develop an eCommerce site for get to plan for making the site ready for SEO during the development, But making a plan for SEO readiness is as importent as developing the eCommerce site functions.

Unlike content sites driveing traffic to ecommerce sites which are database driven and quite often the products might be changingand hence may not get a good place in the search results. But the good news is an eCommerce site can be optimized the same way as a content site by adding related keywords. By identifying some of the key issues in a dynamic site that keeps the site away from Search results, we bring the eCommerce site also in better positions in the search result pages.

The first is to create a front-end site separate from the shopping cart. You will create a number of pages that can be easily spidered (assuming that they’re well organized and optimised for Search engines). The drawback to this course of action is that your website will forever be limited to the size of the front-end site, managing such sites with large number of products would be painful.

SEO-friendly shopping cart system is far easier said than done. There are many factors that have to be taken into account including the spider ability of the pages themselves, the customization capacity of the individual pages, the ease of adding products and changing the pages down the road, etc.

We also care for Dynamic Title & Meta Tags, Logo and Image alt tags, Header tags, SEO friendly URL and much more…
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