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eCommerce Concept

Enabling your business in an e-commerce solution requires a solid concept using established methods following a logical development life cycle.
Explain to us your exact business requirements and let us create Business Specifications by defining processes and rules
These Specifications will be mapped to function - and data - models
These models will be implemented through Script programming and Database creation
All components will be functional tested and afterwards integrated into your web page
The complete page will be integrated and acceptance tested
Finally your business goes live by installing your new page on our or your provider's server

Required to determine the feasibility of whether the project should proceed or not. Produces a high level overview document of the project which relates to the project requirements and scope.

Defines what, when, who, and how the project will be carried out. This phase expands on the high-level project outline and provides a specific and detailed project definition. A project development is team chosen and a Project Manager appointed.

Required to understand and document the user's needs for the system. Documents in detail the scope, business objectives and requirements of the system. Emphasizes what the system is to do Describes how the proposed system is to be built. The design is specific to the technical requirements the system will be required to operate on and the tools used in building the system. Impacts the build and implementation phases of application. Describes movement of data between operational databases and the data warehouse.

Deals with the development, unit testing and integration testing of the system modules, screens and reports and data replication to the data warehouse if required. Carried out in parallel with the development of user procedures and user documentation from the implementation phase.

Prepare for and carry out the implementation of the developed system through user acceptance testing to full production and warehouse population.
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