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eCommerce Product Catalog

We develop complete electronic catalog displays unlimited number of products, categories, brands, options and more…. NetLink eCommerce solution includes an online catalog that can display a wealth of media rich product information for your customers and your SEO needs.

Basic Idea Should Use:
• Unlimited number of products
• Up-sell products by displaying substitute products in product page
• Cross-sell products by displaying product accessories in product page
• Let your customer personalize his product selection with multiple product options
• Create an unlimited number of online catalogs
• Assign multiple online catalogs to multiple customers
• Add different product numbers to the same product: supplier (VPC), customer, bar code, ISBN, third party
• Enter product dimensions (for integrated shipping rate service) in product record or product category
• Import categories and product records with quantity and prices if not integrated
• Organize online catalog by category and/or brand
• Create a detailed product category structure with an unlimited number of category levels (departments)
• Use brand recognition by adding the brand logo to the product record
• Add an image to a category
• Define the size of the category and brand image
• Add descriptions to brands and categories (top of page, bottom of page, in left menu)
• Assign products to an unlimited number of sub-categories
• Detailed multimedia, multilingual descriptions
• Include formatted text, video, images, file downloads and more
• Create, personalize, update and maintain your multimedia descriptions with the Integrated WYSIWYG Editor
• No HTML, graphic design or programming knowledge required
• Product image sizes (thumbnail, small, medium and large) can be customized
• Create a slide show in the product page with multiple product pictures
• Automatic image resizing for best resolution: size ratio
• Batch import product images
• Separate product information in different tabs in the product record
• Multiple display options for brand, category and sub-category catalog pages
• Customize product display order in a sub-category
• Customize sub-category display order in a parent category
• Offer multiple sorts in the search result page
• Display or hide products not in stock or without a price
• Enter minimum sales quantities
• Multi-currency product prices
• Automatically display product price in customer's currency by detecting customer's country IP (GeoIP)
• Volume prices, discount or cost plus prices
• Promotional prices applied over pre-determined period
• Customer specific prices
• Display retail price and discounted customer price
• Display real quantities, fixed quantities or generic message
• Subtract ordered (reserved) quantities from displayed available quantities
• Drop-ship product support with email notification to vendors
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