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eCommerce Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Partner Research/Recruitment, Affiliate Program Marketing to Webmaster communities and Affiliate Community Management via periodic newsletters and on-going Affiliate Monitoring to ensure greater accountability in the program.

We support individual high-performing online-affiliate-programs via custom micro site design (charged on a per-project basis).

We can add an exciting new dimension to your online-affiliate-programs. Imagine creating a set of web pages promoting your product that integrates seamlessly with a chosen partner site's 'look and feel’ we place a banner ad, small graphic or ordinary text which links from your site or newsletter to the vendor.

If someone clicks on the link and buys a product or service from your Web Site, you pay a commission. This preserves the integrity of the user experience on your partner site…and allows the site's regular user community to continue shopping in a familiar atmosphere of trust.

It's a measure that is likely to earn a higher response from the audience in the process.
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