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Dedicated Server

Get a Dedicated Server with Great Performance and Technical Support @ NetLink

Our managed dedicated servers give your websites the highest level of speed, security and uptime.

Our each server comes with CentOS which is performance built, specifically for a server environment. CentOS maximizes CPU, RAM, and the network interface card for to increase speeds. We increase performance of your application or website by increasing the efficiency of the MySQL database. Our Dedicated Servers utilizes SuPHP to give your website added security and functionality. Changes to the php.ini can also be made to allow customization of specific functions.

When it comes to maximizing how MySQL retrieves and stores data, we are the pros. If you are going to be running a large multiple data set database, our CPU selection utilizes threaded processors and high clock speeds to call or write data faster.

We utilize RAM to decrease data retrieval times by fine tuning the my.cnf file. Here we are able to create a table cache that pulls directly from RAM and not the physical hard drive.

With every Dedicated Server we sell, our priority is to ensure you have the best high performance machine. We understand what you need and we do our best to give you and your customers the best experience.
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